Dental Treatments


Dental Treatments

Soho Dental Clinic
Soho Dental Clinic

Surgical Tooth Extraction

Surgical shooting; In order to apply a simple extraction to the tooth, in cases where it is not above the gingiva at a sufficient level, the operation is performed by performing additional operations on the surrounding tissues.


Root Canal Treatment

Cleaning the nerves that lost their vitality, disinfecting the dental canals and filling them with special filling material is called canal treatment.


Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction; It is performed in cases where teeth that are source of infection do not respond to preventive treatment options. Especially teeth below the gum level can pose a threat to the health of the tissues.


Other Dental Treatments

Soho Dental Clinic aims to provide the best experience with its expert staff and advanced technologies. Click to see all dental treatments.

Soho Dental Clinic

Treatment Process and Transportation.

Treatment Process and Planning

By filling out the contact form on our site, calling us or writing on Whatsapp, your oral photos are taken with the help of an expert and our physicians quickly report their preliminary diagnosis. Our specialist will explain your treatment process and accommodation & transportation options to you in detail and make your appointment. 

Airport transfer with private VIP vehicles.

When your appointment day comes, your transportation from the airport to your hotel is provided by our private vehicles.

Hotel in the Center of Istanbul

3-4-5 star hotel with private contract within walking distance of our clinic


Our Technologies
and Solution Partners.


Online Consultation.

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